GPM Ecology | Gareth Matthes BSc MSc MCIEEM | Surrey & South East UK


GPM Ecology assists with surveying and training in national research projects including Dormice, Amphibian, Reptile and Crayfish Recording Programmes.


Gareth has worked with Surrey Dormice Group conducting annual monitoring from April to November at a monitoring site in Haslemere for over 10 years.

Dormouse in torpor

Dormouse in torpor, © Dave Williams

Great Crested Newt and Crayfish Surveys

GPM Ecology has conducted several surveys to determine local distribution of species to help guide local Action Plans. These have included a Great Crested Newt survey of Woking Borough, Surrey in 2008 and distribution of White-claw Crayfish along a river corridor in Surrey during 2014.

Crayfish with porcelain disease

Crayfish with porcelain disease

Slow-worm Compost Survey

Gareth co-ordinated the NARRS Slow-worm Compost survey between 2006 and 2008. Some of the returned forms recorded over 20 slow-worms within compost heaps during a single visit, demonstrating how important compost heaps can be for slow-worms within the suburban landscape. Results of the survey are due to be published soon.

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Do Toad-Tunnels Work?

Toad migration during February and March coincides with 'rush-hour' traffic, which can be a lethal combination. This tunnel was fitted into a busy Country lane during 2002, with over 1,000 toads crossing this road and in danger of being killed each year.

Toad Tunnel

Toad Tunnel

Gareth assisted with a SARG filming project of this toad-tunnel, which in 2009 demonstrated limited success. Previous to the filming Great Crested Newts had been recorded in pitfall traps using this tunnel. More recently in 2014 we assisted a toad-tunnel investigation with the National Trust at Petworth, Sussex where the toads were not recorded using the tunnel, possibly due to a lack of maintenance.